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Penne all´ arrabiatta 13,90 €

tossed in a spicy chili tomato sauce with fresh herbs and parmesan shavings (Please choose your level of spiciness from “spicy“ to “hot“)

Penne ai spinaci di crema con Pecorino 13,90 €

Penne in a creamy spinach sauce with feta cheese

Penne con ciliegino strandete di carne e Rucola 16,50 €

with cherry tomatoes, beef stripes, arugula and parmesan shavings

Spaghetti aglio e olio 10,90 €

tossed in olive oil with garlic, peperoni, parsley and parmesan shavings

Spaghetti Bolognaise 14,50 €

with a homemade minced meat and tomato sauce and parmesan shavings

Spaghetti Frutti di Mare 15,50 €

with sea food and scampi in a white wine sauce, with parmesan shavings

Tortellini pana e Prosciutto 16,50 €

with cooked ham in cream sauce

Rucola und Parmesanhobel

Tagliatelle con petto di tacchino 15,90 €

with fried turkey strips in a spicy tomato sauce with feta cheese and parmesan shavings

Tagliatelle Scampi e Limone 16,50 €

with shrimps, snow peas and cherry tomatoes in lemon sauce, served with parmesan shavings

Tagliatelle all Salmonen-Spinachi 15,90 €

Tagliatelle with salmon and spinach in a tomato cream sauce

Piccata Milanese 22,90 €

veal escalope breaded with parmesan with linguine in tomato sauce garnished with arugula and cherry tomatoes

Saltimbocca alla Romana 23,50 €

Veal escalope with Serrano ham and sage in a white wine sauce served with Tagliatelle in spinach sauce

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Turkey steak in a spicy marinade5 200 g21,90 €

Pork medaillons 220 g22,50 €

South American Rump Steak 220 g26,50 €

Salmon Fillet23,50 €

Hot baked potato with herbal curd cheese and a small side salad

Mashed sweet potatoes with baked vegetables

Spaghetti with garlic, red peppers and olive oil, with arugula and parmesan

Warm chocolate cake 8,20 €

with a liquid core, served with berry compote

with 4 cl Baileys on Top12,20 €

Amaretto Tiramisu 8,90 €

Mascarpone cream with ladyfingers, Amaretto and espresso

Tartufo Nero oder Bianco 7,90 €

black ice cream with truffles and a core of ice cream or white ice cream with truffles and a core of coffee ice cream

Panna Cotta 7,50 €

on a wild berry puree

Selection of cheese 15,50 €

with fig mustard and grissini

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Rumpsteak 16,50 €
Schweinemedaillons 10,90 €
Putensteak 12,50 €


7 Garnelen 16,50 €
Lachs 13,90 €

Als Beilagen zur Auswahl:

Grillgemüse 4,50 €
Kräuterrisotto 4,90 €
Maiskolben mit Kräuterbutter 3,90 €
Ofenkartoffeln mit Kräuterquark und Salat 7,90 €

Dazu reichen wir:

ein ausgewähltes Salz
und 2 verschiedene Dips